Our display experts are always there to help you realize your projects! Our exemplary modular system service is recognized across Canada and will allow you to achieve spectacular results! From evaluating your display needs to creating unique visual concepts to customizing your panels, the OPNA team will impress you!

Evaluation of your needs

Our team is always available to support you in assessing your display needs. Whether it’s for choosing your ideal dimensions or the required type of fixing, we’re here to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Visual Creation

Our experienced graphic designers are also at your disposal for the graphical charter creation of your project. Design and patterns modifications as well as inserts printing are also among our specialties to complement perfectly your design and your visual identity.

Custom Manufacturing

OPNA is a unique modular system in Canada that fully adapts to your needs, your tastes and your preferences. Our creative concepts can differ from standard dimensions to fit your decor perfectly. We promote continuous communication and sharing ideas!


Let’s work together

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Why choose us…

Added Value

Our unique design adds a stylish and architectural touch that enhances the look of your display while automatically capturing the eyes of your customers.

Diversified Offer

Our wide range of high quality display products has been designed to meet all your creative visual concepts. Our system is available in clear anodized, black or painted the color you like. Our installation methods can also be adapted to mural, cantilever, suspended or your office standards for all your professional surfaces.

Autonomy and simplicity

The OPNA system doesn’t hold you prisoner of time or of your initial choices. You can change your mind and easily edit your text, your visuals and your display with the help of our dedicated team or even independently if it suits you better.

Customer Service

Our experts are always happy to assist you in the realization of your projects. Whether it’s to answer your questions, to help you evaluate your display needs or give you effective professional advice, rigor, courtesy and passion are always guiding our team!