Our varied selection of products will meet all your display needs! Whether it’s for mural or suspended panels, for a cantilever overhang or to increase the visibility of your office, OPNA has everything you need!


To give character and cachet to your installations, opt for a simple and chic display, installed directly on the wall. Put forward your greatest ideas!

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For more lightness, choose a double-sided display that will be installed perpendicularly to your walls. With a cantilever, you can refine your decor while creating a visual impact.

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Suspended Panels

Add a touch of movement to your design by opting for a single or double-sided display, installed in suspension for an optimal appearance in your spaces.

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Desk Name Sign Designed by Opna


To enhance the visibility of your workspace and its professional reputation, choose an OPNA display installed on a corner stand or a flat surface, according to your preferences.

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Start your OPNA projects now!

Start your OPNA projects now!

 Client Testimonials

OPNA is the solution that I propose to all my clients for their display.

Marc Laurier, AZ Pantograv

We are completely satisfied with our OPNA panels. Thank you!

Joanne Herron MBA, CPA, CGA, Commission des services juridiques

The foundation is very happy with its OPNA panels!

Sean Zikman, MAB-Mackay Foundation