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How to codify an OPNA product?

The code of an OPNA module consists of the length and height of the visible side as well as the type of installation.

What is the overall dimension of the OPNA module?

The OPNA module is 17 mm larger than the height (H) of the visible window.

What should be the dimension of the print to insert?

The print inside the OPNA module is the same length (L) as this one. However, you must add 3 millimeters in height (H) so that it fits perfectly inside the moldings.

What is the required distance between the holes for the installation of a ``display bracket`` type?

The distance between the holes is 50 millimeters more than the height (H) of the module.

How can I modify my display?

Use the supplied suction cup to remove the protective face, then remove the old display to install the new one in its place. Finally, reinstall the protective face to ensure the safety of your visual.

Watch this video for more details: Change my display