Our process


Bottom Cut

Depending on the dimensions you need, we cut an anodized aluminum bottom, a protective textured PETG and an anti-reflective surface.

Molding Cut

For each of your panels, we cut two moldings according to the desired length. Then, we apply a double sided adhesive over the entire length of the moldings.


At this stage, our team sets various elements. Thus, the two moldings are glued on both sides of the bottom.

Laying caps

In order to magnify your panels overall look and prevent the plastic from sinking, the ends of the moldings are closed with caps of the same diameter.

Visual Insertion

The visual is then printed, cut to the right size and inserted inside the moldings. At this stage, our experts also add the protective side, which keeps the visual in place while protecting it.

Story company

The OPNA system creation came from a growing demand from our customers for superior display products. Fulfilling the need for a stylish visual easily adaptable and modifiable, OPNA is a passionate expert who contributes to Canadian business awareness and reputation. We possess the skills and the evolutive technology to meet your needs while increasing your visibility.

Company Values


Our creations are designed by professionals with great expertise in the display field. The construction and installation of the OPNA system requires the use of high quality materials and specific techniques to ensure the high-end look of your signs.


Our experts carry out your projects with meticulousness, efficiency and rigor, while respecting your deadlines. Offering you impeccable service and increasing your reputation are our priorities in order to guarantee you the most specialized professional experience.

Client Satisfaction

Your needs, your expectations and your budget are at the heart of our work, just as our courtesy and expertise are guiding its realization. We make sure you are satisfied at every step of your project to ensure success.