A new addition that will catch the eye!

Here we are! The new OPNA website is officially online! Considering that good news never comes alone, we have another surprise for you! We are very proud to introduce our brand new range of display products, especially our newest creation: the freestanding display stand.

As you know, at OPNA we are always working hard to create new products that will meet your specific display needs. We are pleased to increase the notoriety of Canadian companies by designing products that will enhance your image. In order to continually innovate, our research and efforts have recently been focused on the development of a freestanding display stand.

This new OPNA product makes it possible to display your important informations in an efficient way. Whether it’s for a professional presentation or to advertise your business, this new support is very solid and can be installed at the entrance of a building or near a counter if it better suits your needs. You can also choose the color to match your visual identity and preferences.

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